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Jun. 24th, 2010 10:12 am
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Layout change, dramatic one even so at least it wasn't a lazy header/moodtheme/default icon swap. I had originally set up this colourfully fun theme on my team's community [ profile] teamsamtyler but I was fond of it and it's sort of wasted there. I thought I could use some colour since I almost always go for a lot of black and often muted colours so yay to the cheerfulness. Enjoy it while you can before I sink back to the drab black that I inevitably end up with.

It's actually part of this positive thinking thing I'm trying though. I am often a cynical person to say the least and the depressions tend to take control but while it's easier said than done, I have someone who will poke at me to make sure I'm still doing it.

Although I rather like it when she pokes me. RAWR
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Layout change! I've had the same layout for a long time which is a record for me I have finally given the journal a brand, spanking new makeover. I'm also thinking of changing my name on here, although I am unsure at this point as to what. I want something that reflects more of who I am and what I enjoy now, fandom wise.

I am also very excited (bit late post, I fail at updating) that I've been asked to be a maintainer at [ profile] 1973flashfic at which point I abruptly said "Yes!" and acted rather calm, as opposed to the jumping and squeeing I was really doing.


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