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A TARDIS, innit? Bigger on the inside, capable of travelling both time and space. The possibilities are endless and world domination destruction adventure is always around the corner.

And not a rubbish Type-40 either. A proper working TARDIS like the Master. And because it's properly working, that means the chameleon circuit is fully functioning, allowing it to look any way I need it to look, blending into its surroundings effortlessly. Much better than being stuck in a very un-subtle blue police box.
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Not a single person. I remember every single person who has ever touched my life. Whether it was bad or good, they made me the person I am and I could never forget that, nor would I want to.
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This is such a toss-up between Sam Tyler from Life on Mars, whom I have an infinite connection with and both exclusively and obsessively roleplay and John Simm's version of the Master from Doctor Who.

I'll probably have to go for the latter, of whom I own a perfect replica of his ring (the £90 version + P&P), laser screwdriver, plastic version of his ring, life-size cardboard standee, magazines, all his action figures, posters, trading cards, fob watch and much, much more. He is also the first character I roleplayed and is single handedly responsible for making me a slasher, getting me into fanvids and also writing (albeit bad)  fanfic. He's devilishly perfect in every way and I'm proud to use the pseudonym 'Lucy Saxon' .
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Just once really and by my boyfriend. I don't speak to my neighbours or strangers and you're lucky if London shopkeepers tell you to "have a nice day", let alone "happy Valentines".


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