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Welcome to the Master Plan )
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A TARDIS, innit? Bigger on the inside, capable of travelling both time and space. The possibilities are endless and world domination destruction adventure is always around the corner.

And not a rubbish Type-40 either. A proper working TARDIS like the Master. And because it's properly working, that means the chameleon circuit is fully functioning, allowing it to look any way I need it to look, blending into its surroundings effortlessly. Much better than being stuck in a very un-subtle blue police box.
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"So, I think the Master should disguise himself. He could dye his hair blond. In a public toilet. He's scrubbing away at the sink. That puts in mind an Ortonesque, post-watershed scene where the Master is dyeing his hair like a rent boy, and a smart businessman comes in cruising, and the Master takes him into a cubicle, and murders him. Maybe after sex. That won't happen, for obvious reasons, but I thought of it anyway. Why do I always think of things that will never happen? Oh, and he could grow a beard, then he really is the Master! Yeah, that could work. And somebody could still say, 'You look like the Prime Minister.' 'Yeah, I get that a lot.'" - RTD (A Writer's Tale)

This post is really late, obviously. The Writer's Tale having been out for months so why am I bothering to post this now? To put it simply, I'm revisiting why I fucking love this man so damn much. This scene is so much my canon that it doesn't matter that it was never even scripted. It just works and let's face it, there's nothing in the episode to contradict it at all.

And why not? We accepted that Dumbledore is gay, when we didn't find out until after the series had finished. If the writer said it, must be true. Or I think so anyway, and it's my canon so deal with it.
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Title: You're Gonna Go Far, Kid
Author: Lucy Saxon
Beta: [ profile] talkingtothesky and [ profile] lozenger8
Rating: Green Cortina
Word Count: 929
Pairing: Sam/Gene
Summary: Gene holidays in Blackpool
A/N: Originally posted as part of a holiday challenge group project for [ profile] flashfic.

“That's a nice name. I have a Sammy too, at home.” )
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Today's name change was brought to you by the letter 'c'. Thanks [ profile] chamekke!

I actually did it. I changed my name again. It's not going to happen again because I'm not playing the game of "I wonder what Lucy's LJ account name is going to be this week is." I'm bound to confuse and annoy people as it is so cheers.

Another layout change but the orgasm of colour was kept (Didn't I tell you I'd end back up with black?) so yay for that. I'm a bit in love with the colour actually although I really miss the sidebar I used to have. Smooth Sailing has the most amazing sidebar full stop (this be flexible squares). New header. Enjoy it (or don't) since the bloody thing has taken hours to do and it's still not quite right to me but before you tell me I should probably start from scratch, it's only the details I'm not quite sure about and the ones no one but me will notice most likely.

Birthday was a total bust. I was better off sleeping it away like I planned to do instead of waiting until last night to cry myself to sleep. I do want to thank [ profile] chamekke for the lovely birthday name change, [ profile] silvermoon_06 for the wonderful virtual gift I woke up to (it was a lovely way to start the day) and last but not least, [ profile] talkingtothesky, because I really needed that hug from the elephant. Good on you for letting Gene write the message on my birthday card, at least it didn't get soppy. ♥
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Because I'm in a really self-loathing mood; whether it's because my life is complete shit right now or if it's because I'm just feeling overly emo:

People will hurt you.
People will judge you.
People will pity you.
If you're very lucky people will like you.
One thing they will never do is love you.
That's the price you pay for being you.
You're easy to like but too hard to love.

Also, note to self: All the crying you've done all week is really getting old. No, actually it was getting old days ago now it's just fucking pathetic. There's release and then there's ridiculous and I think it's safe to say you've reached the latter long ago.

It would be nice if you could at least blame someone else but you can't. Every single problem in your life was brought on by you. You cocked it up, like you inevitably do. Two steps forward and three steps back, fucking story of your life.
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I might actually be madly in love with the Life on Mars kink meme *guh* At the present time only three of the prompts have been filled but all three were for Sam/Gene and were absolute love. ♥

There are a few prompts/pairings I'm rather meh on but that's fine and I'm just chuffed that most of them are still Sam/Gene, so at least the slash does still make up the majority. Actually, it does seem to be making its way back to [ profile] lifein1973 lately as well.

I think I might actually be addicted to slash. Is there a Slashers anonymous anywhere? Hi, my name is Lucy and I've been an addict for, well I can't really remember since the gay has melted my brain. Okay, so admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery but while I know I have a problem, I don't actually want help.

It's a slippery slope where I'm going. Very, very slippery and with that in mind, I'll leave you with this:

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When it comes to matters of the heart it should no doubt surprise you that I'm left just as confused and bewildered as the rest of the hapless human race. Although I'm convinced this is one of those things that we're not meant to understand and some might argue that half the frustration fun is trying to decipher the complicated puzzle that we call love. It's all enough to drive a sane person mad and a mad person on top of a roof with a gun, taking hostages.

For example:

I dont know why they call it heartbreak. It feels like every part of my body is broken too.  )
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Not a single person. I remember every single person who has ever touched my life. Whether it was bad or good, they made me the person I am and I could never forget that, nor would I want to.

New layout

Jun. 24th, 2010 10:12 am
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Layout change, dramatic one even so at least it wasn't a lazy header/moodtheme/default icon swap. I had originally set up this colourfully fun theme on my team's community [ profile] teamsamtyler but I was fond of it and it's sort of wasted there. I thought I could use some colour since I almost always go for a lot of black and often muted colours so yay to the cheerfulness. Enjoy it while you can before I sink back to the drab black that I inevitably end up with.

It's actually part of this positive thinking thing I'm trying though. I am often a cynical person to say the least and the depressions tend to take control but while it's easier said than done, I have someone who will poke at me to make sure I'm still doing it.

Although I rather like it when she pokes me. RAWR
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Title: A Day in the Life
Author: Lucy Saxon
Rating: Green Cortina
Word Count: 389 approx
Pairing: Sam/Gene
Summary: Sam and Gene are clearing out the guest room.
A/N: Written for the prompt challenge over at [ profile] lom_a2a_land and all
the prompts were used. It's a dialogue based fic because the boys wouldn't shut up.

 What the hell is Sushi? )
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Title: Falling Away With You
Author: Lucy Saxon
Beta: [ profile] talkingtothesky  whom I would be nothing without. She deserves many ice lollies for this.
Rating:  Brown Cortina for the kinky mansecks
Word Count: 1600 approx
Pairing: Sam/Gene
Summary: Gene thinks Sam needs to be punished
A/N:   Because I have communication fail, I thought my best friend had begged me for spank!fic and that's the only reason I wrote it. Turns out, it's actually a squick for her so good job there Lucy. I promise, the next one I write will be fluffy and porny in equal measure.

Sam was so engrossed in the reports he didn't hear the footsteps and somehow he missed the larger-than-life shadow that had suddenly appeared. )
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Hey, a new land community has just got up and running, Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes land
There are four teams: Sam, Alex, Gene, and Annie (I am the team leader of Sam) we need members to make it work. I think it's a great opportunity for the fandom and it'll be a lot of fun.

I hope to see some of you over there :)

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This is the second half of the RP, split in half most awesomely by yours truly. If you're actually following the RP then you know the story so far as this follows from My Lover, the Devil. The second part is rated Blue Cortina for language. Really children, didn't your mother teach you not to swear? It's a sign of a poor vocabulary. :(

Gene: [ profile] talkingtothesky 
Alex: [ profile] bastardlyarmed 
Sam: [ profile] sammyboy 
Keats: [ profile] amber_mel

You know, I think a nice cuppa and a few Custard Creams would do everyone just fine. )
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This will hopefully only be only two posts, split in half most awesomely by yours truly. If you're actually following the RP then you know the story so far as this follows from My Lover, the Devil. The first part is rated Brown Cortina for het sex.

Gene: [ profile] talkingtothesky 
Alex: [ profile] bastardlyarmed 
Sam: [ profile] sammyboy 
Keats: [ profile] amber_mel 

Someone forgot to order a cockblock this time. )
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This is such a toss-up between Sam Tyler from Life on Mars, whom I have an infinite connection with and both exclusively and obsessively roleplay and John Simm's version of the Master from Doctor Who.

I'll probably have to go for the latter, of whom I own a perfect replica of his ring (the £90 version + P&P), laser screwdriver, plastic version of his ring, life-size cardboard standee, magazines, all his action figures, posters, trading cards, fob watch and much, much more. He is also the first character I roleplayed and is single handedly responsible for making me a slasher, getting me into fanvids and also writing (albeit bad)  fanfic. He's devilishly perfect in every way and I'm proud to use the pseudonym 'Lucy Saxon' .
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I wish I had cleaned up and posted the roleplay before this but Mel still has it and considering how many different formats it's in, it's going to be a lot of work, which is a shame because it helps to understand this one better. This RP is rated Brown Cortina for graphic sex and language.

Keats is played brilliantly by: [ profile] amber_mel

The plot so far: Keats, in his desperate attempt to bring Gene down in whatever way possible, decides to use and bed Sam by hypnotising him into forgetting Gene. He takes Sam back to his flat and does just that but his plan backfires when he finds himself falling in love with Sam, who, without Gene begins to return his affections.  As if things aren't complicated enough, Gene discovers them and the spell over Sam breaks but somehow goes wrong.

Sam's brain, unable to handle the strain, begins a metacrisis which causes him to shut down. While he lay dying, Gene is frantically trying to save him and stop Alex (who has come to offer herself to Keats) from making a huge mistake and being dragged to Hell itself.

Unable to hold on for any longer, Sam slips away in Gene's arms who finally, for the first time breaks down and cries. No one is quite sure why or how, but Sam is resurrected and left confused, with more questions than answers and he wants to speak to the one person who he feels can give them to him - Keats.




My memories tell me that I'm in love with Gene Hunt and Gene tells me you're not to be trusted. )


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