May. 27th, 2010

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I wish I had cleaned up and posted the roleplay before this but Mel still has it and considering how many different formats it's in, it's going to be a lot of work, which is a shame because it helps to understand this one better. This RP is rated Brown Cortina for graphic sex and language.

Keats is played brilliantly by: [ profile] amber_mel

The plot so far: Keats, in his desperate attempt to bring Gene down in whatever way possible, decides to use and bed Sam by hypnotising him into forgetting Gene. He takes Sam back to his flat and does just that but his plan backfires when he finds himself falling in love with Sam, who, without Gene begins to return his affections.  As if things aren't complicated enough, Gene discovers them and the spell over Sam breaks but somehow goes wrong.

Sam's brain, unable to handle the strain, begins a metacrisis which causes him to shut down. While he lay dying, Gene is frantically trying to save him and stop Alex (who has come to offer herself to Keats) from making a huge mistake and being dragged to Hell itself.

Unable to hold on for any longer, Sam slips away in Gene's arms who finally, for the first time breaks down and cries. No one is quite sure why or how, but Sam is resurrected and left confused, with more questions than answers and he wants to speak to the one person who he feels can give them to him - Keats.




My memories tell me that I'm in love with Gene Hunt and Gene tells me you're not to be trusted. )
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This is such a toss-up between Sam Tyler from Life on Mars, whom I have an infinite connection with and both exclusively and obsessively roleplay and John Simm's version of the Master from Doctor Who.

I'll probably have to go for the latter, of whom I own a perfect replica of his ring (the £90 version + P&P), laser screwdriver, plastic version of his ring, life-size cardboard standee, magazines, all his action figures, posters, trading cards, fob watch and much, much more. He is also the first character I roleplayed and is single handedly responsible for making me a slasher, getting me into fanvids and also writing (albeit bad)  fanfic. He's devilishly perfect in every way and I'm proud to use the pseudonym 'Lucy Saxon' .


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