Jul. 27th, 2010

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"So, I think the Master should disguise himself. He could dye his hair blond. In a public toilet. He's scrubbing away at the sink. That puts in mind an Ortonesque, post-watershed scene where the Master is dyeing his hair like a rent boy, and a smart businessman comes in cruising, and the Master takes him into a cubicle, and murders him. Maybe after sex. That won't happen, for obvious reasons, but I thought of it anyway. Why do I always think of things that will never happen? Oh, and he could grow a beard, then he really is the Master! Yeah, that could work. And somebody could still say, 'You look like the Prime Minister.' 'Yeah, I get that a lot.'" - RTD (A Writer's Tale)

This post is really late, obviously. The Writer's Tale having been out for months so why am I bothering to post this now? To put it simply, I'm revisiting why I fucking love this man so damn much. This scene is so much my canon that it doesn't matter that it was never even scripted. It just works and let's face it, there's nothing in the episode to contradict it at all.

And why not? We accepted that Dumbledore is gay, when we didn't find out until after the series had finished. If the writer said it, must be true. Or I think so anyway, and it's my canon so deal with it.


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