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Today's name change was brought to you by the letter 'c'. Thanks [ profile] chamekke!

I actually did it. I changed my name again. It's not going to happen again because I'm not playing the game of "I wonder what Lucy's LJ account name is going to be this week is." I'm bound to confuse and annoy people as it is so cheers.

Another layout change but the orgasm of colour was kept (Didn't I tell you I'd end back up with black?) so yay for that. I'm a bit in love with the colour actually although I really miss the sidebar I used to have. Smooth Sailing has the most amazing sidebar full stop (this be flexible squares). New header. Enjoy it (or don't) since the bloody thing has taken hours to do and it's still not quite right to me but before you tell me I should probably start from scratch, it's only the details I'm not quite sure about and the ones no one but me will notice most likely.

Birthday was a total bust. I was better off sleeping it away like I planned to do instead of waiting until last night to cry myself to sleep. I do want to thank [ profile] chamekke for the lovely birthday name change, [ profile] silvermoon_06 for the wonderful virtual gift I woke up to (it was a lovely way to start the day) and last but not least, [ profile] talkingtothesky, because I really needed that hug from the elephant. Good on you for letting Gene write the message on my birthday card, at least it didn't get soppy. ♥
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When it comes to matters of the heart it should no doubt surprise you that I'm left just as confused and bewildered as the rest of the hapless human race. Although I'm convinced this is one of those things that we're not meant to understand and some might argue that half the frustration fun is trying to decipher the complicated puzzle that we call love. It's all enough to drive a sane person mad and a mad person on top of a roof with a gun, taking hostages.

For example:

I dont know why they call it heartbreak. It feels like every part of my body is broken too.  )
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I've been awake, by myself for a total of two hours and this has got to be a day of epic fail that neither John Simm or slash could ever hope to fix. I woke up, grabbed my laptop as usual and stumbled into the living room to get online like I do every morning.

However, the screen on my laptop has decided, for whatever reason that it will not work anymore. Rather than irrationally freak out and cry, as would be my usual reaction (probably)I thought I would try calm troubleshooting instead. I plugged the HDMI lead from the TV into it and it's currently acting as my external monitor and it's working very well.

I then consulted my trusty friend, google on my particular problem and while yes, this is not an uncommon problem and yes, I did find a couple of would-be lifesaving solutions, true to form those did not work for me. Also, for some strange reason the mute and volume up touch keys are flashing non-stop on either side of the volume down key, which seems to be frozen. Since I have owned this laptop I have had nothing but problems with it and the touch/sensor bar (and constant overheating).

I can't afford to fix it and I am heavily reliant on this laptop so all in all, this is the calmest panic attack I have ever had in my entire life.


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