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Guest has changed their user name to Creepy Clown
Ferntree: ) 8
xiilnek: *shoves the TCG at the Creepy Clown and runs*
Alex Drake: Oh god have mercy. *runs*
sky:*goes into hiding, as does Gene, since he ripped that clown's head off just last night*
Creepy Clown: Hellooooooo
Ferntree: Awww he's not so creepy
Ferntree: He's friendly
Creepy Clown: Yes. friendly. :D
sky: How d'you know it's a he?
Creepy Clown: I'm whatever you want me to be
Ferntree: O_o
Ferntree: Well I didn't look too closely...
Creepy Clown: I'm the one that haunts your dreams when you sleep and the thing you think you see out of the corner of your eye when you're awake.
Creepy Clown: I'm watching, I'm always watching
Alex Drake: GO AWAY!
Creepy Clown: And I'm just waiting. I can wait a very long time.
Alex Drake: *cowers in the corner*
sky: Don't react, that's what it wants.
Ferntree: Give it ice cream
xiilnek: so it's a stalker?
Creepy Clown: No. Don't react. Please.
xiilnek: fun
Ferntree: XD
Creepy Clown: Just stand there. One by one, everyone falls. No one will hear you scream.
xiilnek: but we all scream for ice cream
Ferntree: I was literally just typing that XD
Alex Drake: No no no no no, go away go away go away
Ferntree: *gives it more ice cream*
xiilnek: :D *telepathy five*
Creepy Clown: You can scream all you want. Don't stop on my account.
Creepy Clown: But please don't be surprised if no one hears you.
Ferntree: *shoves the ice cream right in the Creepy Clown's mouth*
xiilnek: XD
Creepy Clown: Still want to be my friend?
xiilnek: only if you like ice cream
Ferntree: We gave you ice cream!
Ferntree: that's practically a declaration of love.
Creepy Clown: I don't eat ice cream.
xiilnek: D:
Ferntree: What do you eat then?
xiilnek: ... *tentatively holds out a chocolate simm*
Alex Drake: He eats souls.
Creepy Clown: I was hoping you'd ask.
Alex Drake: He eats souls.
xiilnek: Does he eat Simms?
Creepy Clown: Alex is correct
Alex Drake: (crappy chat repeating what I say >.<)
Ferntree: Well I have some soul-flavored ice cream......?
Creepy Clown: I'm afraid not.
Creepy Clown: I may go away, but not without a parting gift. Which one of you will sacrifice yourself to save your friends?
xiilnek: save us from what?
Ferntree: I sacrificed my ice cream! D:<
sky: I'll do it.
Joline: I just had ice cream :D
Ferntree: Sky, don't give in! D:
Creepy Clown: I'm sorry, I don't want your soul. Someone else.
Ferntree: We can outsmart to somehow
xiilnek: oh come on sky, without even asking a few questions?
xiilnek: Making a few smart ass remarks?
xiilnek: you can do better than that.
Ferntree: Well who you want then, clown? >:(
xiilnek: *hands the Creepy Clown the sole of a shoe*
Ferntree:!!! XD
xiilnek:*a cuban heel in fact*
Ferntree: *offers the Creepy Clown some soul music on CD*
xiilnek: XD!!!
xiilnek: *makes some soul food*
Ferntree: *gives it a sole fish*
Creepy Clown: No
Joline: you people are crazy, where did the sane ones go?
Joline: :D
Creepy Clown: Choose
Creepy Clown: Or you all die
xiilnek: *starts singing that 'heeeey sister, soul sister' s ong*
xiilnek: what are you going to kill us with? Bad clown makeup?
Ferntree: Creepy Clown you are very ungrateful.
Creepy Clown: I.. said... CHOOSE!
Ferntree: Look at all this soul booty we just gave you!
xiilnek: I choose PIKACHU
Creepy Clown: No!
Ferntree: HAHA
xiilnek: why not? He's very cute.
Creepy Clown: You are trying my patience.
Ferntree: The pokemon of choice
Ferntree: he's quite rare
Creepy Clown: No...
Alex Drake: ...pokemon. You're offering it a fictional character.
Alex Drake: Fine. I'll go
Ferntree: Pokemon aren't fictional! D:
Creepy Clown: You're pissing me off.
xiilnek: ! Don't say that around him. *covers his ears*
Alex Drake: You can take me.
xiilnek: As opposed to pissing you up? Hey, want some booze?
Ferntree: You can't let clowns bully you like this!
Creepy Clown: Fine. I want the one with the stupid name.
xiilnek: Why, would that be little old me? *flutters eyelashes*
Ferntree: !!!!!!!!!!!!
Ferntree: D:<
xiilnek: I already gave you the sole of my shoe. What more could you want?
Alex Drake: I'm a copper. I risk my life every day to save people like you guys.
Ferntree: Maybe it wants you collection of Soul Sisters music?
Alex Drake: You can take me you stupid clown!
xiilnek: I could get such a collection
Creepy Clown: I want to watch your life drain from your body.
xiilnek: Kinky. You're not quite my type though.
xiilnek: Far too rude.
Creepy Clown: I want to watch you suffer.
xiilnek: For the right person... alas.
xiilnek: You lack a sexy quotient which I feel is quite significant in a potential partner.
xiilnek: And you're far too single minded.
xiilnek: And you don't like ice cream. :|
Ferntree: *prapares to battle* I can foresee fisticuffs occurring in the near future.
xiilnek: Aww. <3
Creepy Clown: It will hardly be your concern. I'm not asking you for tea.
xiilnek: Why not?
xiilnek: Do you not like tea either?
Ferntree: GASP
Creepy Clown: Because, dead people do not drink tea.
Creepy Clown: And I hate tea.
Ferntree: Maybe they'd be less miserable if they did
illusion of life has changed their user name to Lucy
xiilnek: I hardly think dead-ness would keep a proper Englishperson from tea
Lucy: What's going on?
Ferntree: True
xiilnek:*hugs Lu*
Ferntree: There's a clown trying to eat Xiilneks soul
Creepy Clown: You're not English.
Alex Drake: *gasp* Hate tea?
Joline: Best tweet of the day: Don't forget ladies: If you burn your bra, how long will you have to wait til your wealthy boyfriend takes you shopping for a new one?!
xiilnek: the Creepy Clown is trying to be creepy
xiilnek: That's true, I'm not. But I’m getting to like tea.
xiilnek: Aren't you though?
Ferntree: With lots of sugar
xiilnek: haven't put sugar in it...
Creepy Clown: I come from the pits of Hell.
Ferntree: WHAT
Ferntree: you're missing out
Creepy Clown: We don't have a Britain.
Ferntree: I'm sure the pits of hell have tea
xiilnek: you could become a citizen?
Ferntree: the kettle'd always be boiling for one thing
xiilnek: yeah but they only have BAD tea.
Lucy: Take me, please don't take Xiil
Alex Drake: Take me, I'm fictional!
xiilnek: it's cool Lu. No worries.
Ferntree: Don’t worry, Lucy... we're putting up a valiant fight
Creepy Clown: Fine. I'll take Lucy.
xiilnek: *stabs the clown*
Ferntree: D:<
xiilnek: *with a high heeled shoe*
xiilnek: *in the face*
Creepy Clown: You can’t kill me stupid child.
Ferntree: There will be no taking of anyone!
Creepy Clown: I'm born of your nightmares.
xiilnek: What, the one about the alligator wearing lipstick?
Ferntree: What if your nightmares involve essays?
Guest has changed their user name to Party Seven
Creepy Clown: I am fear itself.
Ferntree: *throws the Party Seven at the clown*
xiilnek: Here, clown, have a party seven instead
Creepy Clown: I don't drink.
Party Seven: Oi!!!
xiilnek: share it with your mates in the tea-less pits of hell
xiilnek: yeah well that explains a lot.
Creepy Clown: I... I don't have mates :(
xiilnek: You should probably start, clown.
xiilnek: Awwww
Ferntree: I OFFERED to be your mate!!!
Party Seven: WTF, why is there a CC here!
xiilnek: *introduces it to the Test Card Girl*
Ferntree: So don't you complain!
Party Seven: Clownie, together we can take them!
Ferntree: You rejected my icecreamy hand of friendship
Party Seven: *away with tea!*
xiilnek: What?!? Party Seven, you traitor!
Lucy: Where did sky go?
xiilnek: (guessing she's the clown)
Creepy Clown: I don't want your friendship
Alex Drake: Nooooooooo
Ferntree: We're winning, party seven!
Alex Drake: Nooooooooo
xiilnek: >:( I'll feed you to Hunt at the first opportunity Party Seven!
sky: no, i'm really not
Party Seven: (her name is still there)
Creepy Clown: I want your life, I want your fear, I want your souls.
sky: i'm copy/pasting
xiilnek: Well then sky, take up arms against him! *hands her a frozen rubber chicken*
xiilnek: Hey, clown, you should be in a rock band!
xiilnek: You'd do well, lyrics like that.
Party Seven: Ferntree, in that case am your loyal companion!
Ferntree: You have our fish, music, shoes and ice cream! What more do you bloody want?
Creepy Clown: You should shut up and let me eat your soul!
xiilnek: look, I GAVE you my shoe
Party Seven: I don't have a soul, I am juicy though
xiilnek: :|
Lucy: But... I thought I was going. Guess I'm not good enough for even a Creepy Clown.
xiilnek: We won't let it take you!
Ferntree: NOBODY is going with the creepy clown
xiilnek: *cuddles Lucy*
Ferntree:*manly pose*
xiilnek: It doesn't even like ice cream. Doesn't deserve the awesome that is Lucy.
xiilnek: *hands ferntree a cape to complete the look*
Creepy Clown: Since none of your are willing to sacrifice each other you're all going to die.
Ferntree: *looks awesome*
Ferntree: *throws ice cream in the clown's eyes* HA!
Joline: I think I'm going to pass on this one *confused* night everybody!
Creepy Clown: Stupid child
Ferntree: *shoves arctic roll down its pants*
xiilnek: XD
Creepy Clown: Do you really think that will work?
Ferntree: Night, Joline!
Ferntree: yes
Ferntree: it's cold and melty
Creepy Clown: I am the thing lurking in the dark!
Ferntree: yeah, like the arctic roll now is
xiilnek: *puts glow sticks around its neck*
Creepy Clown: I am the nightmare you never wake up from.
xiilnek: not really a nightmare then is it?
Alex Drake: And you should shut up, Clown! *pulls a gun out and shoots*
Ferntree: O_O
Creepy Clown: hahahahahahaha
Ferntree: If teh arctic roll didn't get it, bullets won't
Creepy Clown: Foolish
Ferntree: Okay, clown, let's be reasonable. Is there anything you like apart from souls, or is that it?
xiilnek: *attacks the Clown with a large soggy fish*
Creepy Clown: Well, souls, fear, the usual.
xiilnek: why do you like souls, anyway?
Ferntree: they must be pretty tasty
Party Seven: let's be rational! what are CC afraid of? Water?
xiilnek: 'the usual' ? Come on, set yourself part from your hell mates!
Creepy Clown: Well, to be honest they're not the tastiest things. Personally I'd rather be eating a curry but the whole damned thing "gotta eat souls to survive"
Party Seven: smiles? the smell of freshly baked dread?
Creepy Clown: It's a real drag
Creepy Clown: But there you are
Creepy Clown: Don't take it personally
xiilnek: tried tofu souls
xiilnek: *?
Ferntree: Or sprinkling 'extract of soul' on your cornflakes?
Creepy Clown: Just not the same.
Creepy Clown: You're always left feeling like you're eating air.
Party Seven: CC the answer for you:
xiilnek: XD
Creepy Clown: Now stop distracting me and die already.
xiilnek: surely soul food is the answer
Ferntree: *dances around still very much alive*
Ferntree: The clown is all talk
Creepy Clown: Have you decided?
xiilnek: I've decided you need a sense of humor.
xiilnek: And a jelly donut.
Ferntree: And maybe some therapy
Creepy Clown: I don't need a sense of humour. I'm a bloody clown!
Ferntree: You have clown issues D:
xiilnek: ah, I can see you bring glee and cheer wherever you go
Creepy Clown: Your face has issues.
Creepy Clown: I mean, die!
xiilnek: XD <3
Ferntree: HAHA
xiilnek: *wonders if we'll be insulting each other's mommas next*
Creepy Clown: Does your mum have a soul?
Ferntree: My face isn't the one covered in icecream and streaky make up
Ferntree: have a compact mirror on you?
xiilnek: Sometimes I wonder, Clown. XD
Creepy Clown: I'm a bloody clown, why would I need a mirror?
xiilnek: why wouldn't a clown need a mirror?
xiilnek: Anyway not much of a clown are you?
Ferntree: because your makeup needs are greater than others
xiilnek: clowns are supposed to be fun
Creepy Clown: Are you impugning on my clownliness?
xiilnek: What would we say constitutes, "clownliness"?
Ferntree: Yeah, aren't you gonna juggle some plates or fire yourself out of a tiny cannon or something?
Creepy Clown: No, I'm only half clown, on my mother's side.
Ferntree: What's the other half?
xiilnek: Aaaah, family expectations. No wonder you're so bitter.
xiilnek: Born of two worlds! A part of neither!
Creepy Clown: You have no idea...
Ferntree: Would make a good film
xiilnek: The Clown Who Just Wanted Some Curry
Ferntree: XD
Creepy Clown: You're distracting me from your inevitable death again, aren't you?
xiilnek: you assume our deaths aren't in fact quite evitable
Lucy: Who's the clown, guys?
Ferntree: We're just trying to get you to open up
Ferntree: Get to know the REAL Creepy Clown
xiilnek: *sits on a couch with a notebook* Sooooo. Tell me about your relationship with your mother.
Ferntree: (I don't know)
xiilnek: The clown behind the clown, you might say.
Lucy: When you call me creepy like that it's rather hurtful and stereotypical.
Lucy: I didn't come in here insulting you all.
xiilnek: ... is lucy the clown now?
Ferntree: ??
Creepy Clown: ......
xiilnek: ...
Ferntree: ...
Party Seven: I think she's both?
xiilnek: ...!
Lucy: See how easy it is?
xiilnek: Brad! Rocky! Janet! Doctor Scott!
Party Seven: I am also xiilnek
Creepy Clown: You dare to impersonate me?!
xiilnek: D: I am not a tin of beer!
Ferntree: What!?
Creepy Clown: You will die!
Ferntree: *leaps in front of Lucy in a heroic fashion*
xiilnek: If I was anything I think I'd be... hmm... a nice potato soup or something.
Lucy: Serious!Clown is serious
Lucy: And sorta emo
Party Seven: yes yes my alter ego
Creepy Clown: I am not emo!
xiilnek: So you say.
Party Seven: I think you need e few more sessions with dr. Drake
Ferntree: That sweeping fringe says otherwise
Creepy Clown: I'm not!
xiilnek: XD
Ferntree: And teh Hawthorne Heights Tshort isn't helping
xiilnek: and really how many clowns wear trousers like that.
Creepy Clown: It was laundry day, okay?
Ferntree: Oh that's always the excuse
Lucy: Skyyyy
xiilnek: ... Sam's Crotch sees your excuse.
Ferntree: XD
xiilnek: And doesn't believe a word of it.
Creepy Clown: Foolish child
Ferntree: because Sam's Crotch was also lying
Lucy has changed their user name to Sam Tyler
xiilnek: Lies! Would Sam lie about a thing like that?
Ferntree: He just disbelieved the clown!
sky: sorry, still here, still copying
Creepy Clown: My patience is wearing thin.
xiilnek: because he's a copper crotch, okay! He knows excuses when he sees them, that's all.
Ferntree: Well then get on with it. *raises fists*
xiilnek: Well you should buy some new patience.
xiilnek: I always get new clothes when they get thin like that.
xiilnek: Or at least sew some patches on it or something.
Creepy Clown: I didn't come in here asking for much.
Party Seven: “What the bloody hell are you wearing for pants?” Sam’s eyes boggled as he took in the sight of Gene, whose tackle was neatly stuffed into a pair of what appeared to
xiilnek: *gets some paisley material and starts sewing new patience for the Clown*
Creepy Clown: I don't see why you have to take it so personally
xiilnek: you wouldn't take our ice cream!
xiilnek: That's personal!
Party Seven: to be women’s knickers.
Creepy Clown: I've had enough of this
Creepy Clown: I'm leaving
xiilnek: try tea sometime!
Ferntree: What about your soul?
Creepy Clown: I'll be back
xiilnek: I'm sure powdered soul tastes great with some good tea
Creepy Clown: I hate tea
xiilnek: call first, we can have biscuits too
Ferntree: That Artcic Roll should be pretty squishy by now
Creepy Clown: I hate biscuits
xiilnek: appreciate the finer things in life, Clown!
Creepy Clown: That curry would be nice though
Alex Drake: Damnit! *puts the Garibaldis away*
xiilnek: Just try them a few times.
xiilnek: If you promise not to eat our souls I'll get you some curry.
Ferntree: *waves a vindaloo at the clown*
Creepy Clown: Soul Tikka Masala
sky:*is picking up thinly veiled hints*
Creepy Clown: *makes creepy exit*

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Date: 2010-04-21 05:38 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Ohhhhh that was such a fun evening XD XD XD

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Date: 2010-04-21 05:51 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I didn't know who I wanted to kick more though. Myself for fucking up and blowing whatever cover I really had or Simon for distracting me and making me not notice which browser I was using. *doh*

I'd have posted what came after that but it didn't even make sense to us and we were there.

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Date: 2010-04-26 05:36 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Wow, just browsing through and I didn't realize you put up those crack!chats we have...



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