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I wish I'd got the start of this but I didn't and it was saved because some people (not me) aren't complete fail. Livejournal is quite fail though apparently because I couldn't get it to look as nice as the last two times I posted these and I'm not sure what I did different.

Sam: [ profile] sammyboy 
Gene: [ profile] talkingtothesky 
Keats: [ profile] amber_mel 
Alex: [ profile] bastardlyarmed 

Sam:It will only take a few minutes of your time

BollyIt's all right, Keats, go talk with Tyler. I'll still be here.

Keats Gene Hunt?

Keats Don't go anywhere Alex - I have something I need to discuss with you..

Alex Drake:*goes back to writing her report*

Alex Drake:Alright, sir.

Keats:Di Tyler? *holds door open*

Alex Drake:I'll have my tart arse still in this chair when you come back. *smiles*

Sam:It's DCI, and thank you

Keats:if you'd like to lead the way?

Keats:sorry, Sam

Sam:As I said, it's about Gene Hunt.

Keats:*steps closer and looks intently* go on

Sam:I'm to understand you're conducting an investigation on him?

Sam:Your 'report'?

Keats:Yes. I believe there are major failings in this department and they are due to his management *clicks pen*

Sam:He gets results and this job is his life.

Gene:Too right I get results!

Keats:he gets results the wrong way - he puts himself and rest of the department at risk

Sam:*under breath* fuck

Sam:I think we can come to a mutually satisfying agreement.

Gene:Sometimes a little risk is necessary! The world ain't daisy chains and rainbows, you know. My officers know what they're getting in for.
Keats:c'mon DCI Tyler don't tell me you know he does things by the book

Sam:No, but...

Keats:because we know he doesn't

Gene:Oi! I am here, you know.

Sam:Gene, what are you doing here?

Gene:Don't talk 'bout me in the third ruddy person

Keats:*turns to face Hunt, eyes wide*

Gene:*squares shoulders* Keats, Sam

Sam:*leans close to Keats so gene doesn't hear* What would it take to make your report "go away"?

Sam:Money? A favour?

Gene:*can lip-read and gets the gist, says nothing*

Keats:*can't tear eyes from Gene* are you propositioning me Tyler? *under breath*

Alex Drake:*curious as to what the discussion is about, sighs in the empty office*

Keats:I can understand the hold he has over you Sam, he's.. magnificent

Sam:*under breath* Yeah, maybe I am, maybe I'm not. I think you're interested, I just need to know what.

Keats:..very dominating

Sam:Are you.... are you attracted to Gene Hunt?

Keats:*directed at Gene* what do you do that has this power over Drake, Tyler, the rest of the team?

Sam:He has no power over me

Sam:I make my own decisions

Gene:Must be me animal attraction. God knows!

Keats:*sneers* liar

Sam:And in case you need reminded, he's not even my Guv anymore.

Sam:*unbuttons to two buttons*

Keats:you're slack Gene! Its about time there was some discipline around here

Sam:Come on, there has to be something you want

Gene:*stares at Sam* yeah, yeah, whatever Keats


Keats:*tries not to look at Sam*

Sam:*leans in close* Tell me


Keats:* undoes silk tie and pulls it off slowly. Winds around hands*

Gene:I can't believe I'm seeing this!

Sam:Shut up, Gene and mind your own business

Sam:Well, Jim? It's okay that I call you Jim, yeah?

Keats:I like Jim.. Sam

Sam:We understand each other then?

Gene:Should'a known, really. You an' your paperwork? Bloody poofter brigade.

Keats:*smiles over top of glasses from under lashes*

Sam:Gene, I think your DI would like a word with you

Gene:This is gonna give me nightmares!

Gene:You ARE me DI!


Keats:*still gazing intently at Sam* I'd look to show you the error of your ways Gene *snaps tie between hands*

Sam:The report

Keats:what about it

Gene:Whatever you're thinking, Keats, you can forget it.

Sam:*slides hand seductively over Keats' chest* Can we make it disappear?

Alex Drake:*walks past Keats' office while holding reports to file, looks in, then immediately turns around and walks back to her desk*


Alex Drake:*sufficiently freaked out and horny at the same time*

Keats:*swallows hard* I don't know if I can do that...?

Gene:*throws his hands up, turns on his heel and stomps out of the office*


Gene:What are you up to?

Sam:Gene! You need to speak with DI Drake. I have very important matters to discuss with DCI Keats.

Sam:I think you can...

Keats:*undoes some buttons while discussion is going on*

Keats:*is suddenly warm*

Sam:*runs hand inside and caresses Keats' skin*

Alex Drake:Well, I was going to file these reports but um...

Alex Drake has changed their user name to Bolly

Bolly:*tries not to look hot and bothered*

Gene:Get your coat, Bols, You're coming for a drink wi'me.

Keats:*forgets temporary paralysis due to vision before him and lifts hand to nervously stroke Sam's neck*

Bolly:Alright. *grabs her coat and stands up*

Sam:*seductively* Report?

Bolly:*looks at Gene* Something wrong, Guv?

Gene:*shakes his head, tries not to look over his shoulder in direction of Sam*

Keats:*puts lips close to Sam's. Whispers* what report?

Bolly:Gene. Please. If there's something wrong, I can help.

Gene:Wrong? I ain't had a pint in several hours! That's what's wrong!

Sam:So we have an understanding? *punctuates by reaching down and gently squeezing Keats' crotch*

Keats:*moans* ...

Keats:*slides fingers through hair at back of Sam's head to cradle skull*

Gene:*puts an arm around Alex's shoulders and steers her outside to the Quattro*

Sam:*runs hand over Keats' erection, building friction*

Keats:*tilts head to brush lips against Sam's*

Sam:I don't think I understood that. The report?


Bolly:I don't know how you're not keeling over from your liver failing, Gene.

Keats:*other hand slides up taut corduroy clad thigh to cup crotch*

Bolly:*but likes the warmth of his arm around her*

Gene:Liver failure? No chance, Bolly.

Keats:you'd better be good Tyler to make me reconsider..

Sam:Oh, I am

Sam:I'm very good

Bolly:I suppose. After all, you're the great Manc Lion. *smiles*

Gene:*reluctantly lets go of her as he gets into the driver's seat*

Gene:*sadly* Indeed I am, Bols, indeed I am.

Bolly:*gets into the passenger seat* But, seriously, Gene...I saw what was happening in Keats's office

Gene:Forget about it

Gene:You saw nothing, understand me?

Keats:we're both equal rank Sam, I've got skills I've acquired too.. I want to be impressed

*squeezes crotch*

Sam:There are some skills that don't come with rank, Jim.

Sam:You have to know this.

Bolly:...Right. Nothing. *looks out the window*

Keats:*sucks Tyler tongue as neatly unzips fly*

Sam:I'm not in the habit of whoring myself, but I won't let anything happen to Gene.

Gene:Good girl. *starts the car*

Keats:let's see then.. *peels off Sam's trousers down to hips and wraps soft warm hand around Sam's growing erection*


Sam:Th- the report

Sam:I let you have me, anyway you want me and the report goes away, yeah?

Keats:this is just for starters Sam *strokes slowly*

Sam:And Gene is safe?

Gene:*pulls up outside Luigi's* You'd better not sulk all evening, Bols. You've got the pleasure of the Gene Genie's company.

Keats:depends how good you are, doesn't it? *runs thumb slowly over leaking tip*

Sam:I told you, I'm very good.

Bolly:I'm not going to stop sulking until you tell me what is really bugging you.

Gene:Then we're gonna have a problem, Drakey.

Bolly:*folds arms* Gene. If you don't let it out it'll just cause more problems later.

Sam:*reaches forward and starts licking and nipping a trail from Keats' neck, down to his chest, stopping to tease but not linger too long on each nipple*

Keats:*hissis and bites lip* god you're a tease.. *works fist gently but firmly*

Gene:*gets out of the car* Let it go, Bols.

Sam:*drags tongue further down and drops to my knees*

Bolly:*gets out of the car* I'm not letting it go, Gene.

Gene:Why the bloody 'ell not?

Gene:I say jump, you say how high. Got it?! Good.

Gene:*strides into Luigi's*

Keats:*suddenly commanding* stay there Sam

Sam:*looks up and licks lips*

Keats:*reaches round and quickly ties Sam's wrists behind back with silk tie*

Bolly:*follows him in* Because I know it's hurting you inside.

Keats:now then. you will show me how good you are you little slut

Bolly:So why don't you just get it over with and tell me. You might even feel better afterwards.

Gene:Oh, spare me the namby pamby nonsense. Luigi, prepare for me to drink this place dry!

Sam:Yes, sir

Keats:*stands in front of Sam and rubs cock across those pretty pouting lips*

Bolly:I'm not going to spare you the *airquotes* 'namby pamby nonsense' Gene. Please, tell me. I'm willing to listen.

Gene:No, you're gonna spout some psychiatric bollocks that won't help in the slightest and I'll still feel like a ruddy fool.

Sam:*parts lips and lets Keats' cock slide in far enough to suck on the head and then pulls back out. Slides it back in again, taking it further into my mouth*

Bolly:It's not bollocks, Gene. And it's psychology.

Gene:I know it's psychology, you bloody woman. I on'y say it wrong to wind yer up.

Sam:*lets Keats' cock slide back out of my mouth and licks a stripe from the tip to the base and nuzzles Keats' balls, taking turns sucking gently on each one*

Keats:*cradles Sam's head and moans softly* oh god.. yesss..

Gene:*accepts drink, slides another along the bar to Alex* Cheers. Here's to yet another shitty day at the Met.

Keats:*tries not to thrust too hard*

Sam:*runs tongue over the length of Keats' cock before sliding it back in and down my throat, suppressing my gag reflexes*

Bolly:*surprised at Gene's admission, then lifts her glass up to clink with Gene's* Cheers.

Keats:God Sam.. so good.. you slut.. you fucking love cock don't you..yeah?

Sam:*hums around Keats' length in approval, sucks hard and swallows his cock deep*

Gene:(There's two ways it could go from here: Gene gets really drunk and falls into bed with Alex, or, Gene gets really drunk and ends up telling Alex how much he loves Sam :P)

Sam:{Have you decided or are you asking for audience vote?}

Gene:(I don't mind.)

Sam:{Because Sam doesn't approve at all of sleeping with Alex, despite him being on his knees with someone else's cock in his mouth >.<}

Gene:(LOL. Don't ya think Gene has a right to spite him?)

Bolly:*sips her drink*

Sam:{Well, if we're being technical.. yes. But Sam isn't enjoying himself at all. He's humiliated :(}

Bolly:{I don't care either way}

Sam:{Lies! You want the Gene Genie}

Keats:{Keats wishes Sam was doing this for wants instead of as a favour :(}


Bolly:{although all bolly wants is everybody to be happy}

Sam:{You mean Keats actually cares?}

Gene:(Would sleeping with Gene make you happy, Bolly?)

Gene:(Who am I kidding, of course it would! :D)

Keats:{Keats cares - he is jealous of Gene's adored status, wants Gene but knows he'll never have him, fancies Sam and fancies Alex but knows he's only getting sex through coercion}

Keats:*is going soft despite Sam's best efforts*

Gene:*gulps down third glass in as many minutes, slams glass back down on bar* M'gonna drunk you under the table, Bols!

Sam:*let's Keats' cock fall from my mouth* Is there something wrong?

Keats:You're fucking good Sam.. that was so..good... but you can't pretend you want this?

Sam:Of course I want it. I want you.

Keats:don't lie Sam. Its all about Hunt. I know what he means to you


Bolly:*sips her second drink*

Sam:*stares down at the floor still on my knees*


Keats:*unties Sam and helps him up*

Sam:What about the report?

Gene:In the end, it don't mean a sodding thing, Bols.

Keats:I've got to think about this.. I have to bring Hunt down.. can't you see he's wrong?!

Bolly:Hm? What are you talking about?

Sam:He cares, about his team, about his city. He's not perfect but then, who is?


Gene:*huffs* Oh, the lady wants me to talk but when I bloody do she ain't listening!

Sam:*eyes start to fill with tears*

Keats:*looks at semi naked dishevelled Sam* God you're beautiful.. but you don't want this like I do.. do you?

Sam:*looks into Keats' eyes* Please don't do this to him...

Sam:*undoes belt and zip to remove trousers*

Bolly:Gene, you have to be more specific.

Gene:Oh, do I?!

Keats:*finding it hard to keep composed with what's on show*


Bolly:I'm not telepathic!

Gene:Thank bloody god.

Sam:I want this. Please...

Gene:Can hardly stand you rabbiting on as it is without yer being inside me 'ead an' all.

Bolly:So please, it would help both of us if you could be straight with me.


Gene:Bein' straight is 'alf the problem, Bols.

Sam:I know you want me. And I want to save Gene. Why can't we both get what we want? *fights back tears*

Keats:*wipes Sam's tears with his thumb* I wish I could inspire such love


Sam:*closes eyes and speaks in barely more than a whisper* Please....

Gene:*sways a little in his seat, very drunk* Ain't sayin' it again, Bols.

Bolly:Will you if I buy you another drink, Gene?

Gene:No chance. Buy me another, though.

Keats:I could have you now Sam.. but it wouldn't ever be think I could have a stolen moment with you and never want to do it again?

Bolly:*looks at Gene, then sighs* God give me mercy. *buys another round of drinks*

Sam:Why not? I mean nothing to you.

Gene:*stares down into fresh glass like it holds all the answers*

Bolly:*puts a hand on Gene's shoulder, then downs her drink*

Keats:what? when you get me hard the minute you walk in a room?

Sam:Why me?

Gene:*very slowly lifts his hand to rest on Alex's* it Sam? Is Sam the problem?

Keats:the way you light up in his presence. What does he have? I hate him for it

Gene:*suddenly angry* What d'yer want me to bloody say? At least he's not dead anymore. Though maybe I wish he was.


Sam:Is it really me or are you upset because you're just lonely?

Gene:Cos he makes me feel like shit, Bolly.

Keats:I hate him. The way he does things and gets away with it. The way he treats people and they come back for more. I'd treat you right Sam. But you don't want that do you..

Bolly:Oh, Gene...

Bolly:How does he make you feel like shit?

Sam:What about DI Drake? She looked like she really liked you.

Gene:*squeezes her hand then lets it go* He just does, right?

Gene:*gets up and tries to leave*

Bolly:*grabs Gene's arm* Oi.

Bolly:No he doesn't. All I see from Sam is devotion to his Guv.

Keats:she wants Hunt

Sam:Is that all you're worried about?

Gene:If that were true he wouldn't have bloody left, would he.

Keats:She's been a substitute for you

Sam:Then it is me you want?

Bolly:Maybe he had a reason for leaving. Why don't you ask him?

Gene:Tried asking, plenty o' times. Won't tell me.

Gene:Manchester, London, the scumbags the same everywhere you go. It just doesn't matter anymore.


Gene:(emo!Gene XD)

Keats:I want..HUNT

Sam:*eyes suddenly wide with shock*

Keats:{emo!Keats :( how did I get so down?}

Sam:{fucking hell, everyone but Alex has gone all emo}

Gene:(<333 Alex)

Sam:Then why would you want to hurt him?

Keats:because he hates me

Bolly:*hugs Gene*

Sam:Please don't hurt him.

Sam:Don't you understand? You're not just hurting hi, you're killing him.

Gene:*a bit off balance, leans into Alex heavily then eventually brings his arms up to hug her back*

Keats:*eyes blazing* if I can't have him then no one can!

Sam:*cups Keats' face and places a soft kiss to his lips* I think you're better than that.

Bolly:It matters, Gene. I think the streets wouldn't be half as clean as they are if you weren't on the job.

Keats:*wishes he had will power to push Sam away but kisses back*

Keats:I really wish you wanted me for real..such a shame..

Gene:Used to love my city, Drakey. Was a slave to this job but sometimes it was worth it. And now...

Sam:*strokes side of Keats' face* I thought you wanted Gene?

Gene:(HAHA Keats wants everybody)

Keats:(Keats is SUCH a sad slut - he'd desperate for love)

Sam:{What about Alex?}

Bolly:Now what, Gene?

Gene:Now what, Bolly, exactly. Now what. Got nothin' left, do I?

Keats:*hangs head*

Gene:Might as well pack it in.

Bolly:Got nothing left? Gene, you have Chris, Ray, Shaz...

Bolly:and me.

Gene:I know, you're right, you're right. But bloody Tyler...

Bolly:Why Sam? Why are you so hung up on him?

Gene:Damned if I know.

Sam:*lifts Keats' chin and smiles sweetly* You deserve better and you're capable of better. We both know that.

Bolly:There must be a reason.

Gene:You sound like 'im.

Gene:Trying to make sense of everythin'.

Bolly:I'm a freaking psychologist, Gene. It's my job.

Gene:*quirks a small smile* Psychiatrist.

Keats:(Jimbo need a session with Bolly :-S}

Gene:*steps out of the hug*


Sam:{yes, he does}

Bolly:{"So, tell me about your parents, Jimbo."}

Keats:{'My father's an evil bastard ;)}

Bolly:{"that's a shame. did he love you?" I know what you did there XD}

Gene:(...His father's Frank Morgan! DUN DUN DUN! XD)

Keats:{his is a twisted meaning of the word, Bolly, you don't know the half of it;)}


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